Psychological services

Within our EVA IRFAM – There is Hidden Violence Affecting Migrant Women project, the migrants we work with benefit, free of charge, from psychological support either through counseling sessions or support groups.


Psychological counseling is offered, upon request, to those people who want psychological support / intervention. The main purpose of psychological counseling sessions is to prevent or alleviate the psycho-emotional traumatic consequences of abuse.


The support groups have the role of providing participants with a safe space in which to discuss their feelings and needs. Special emphasis will be placed on increasing the capacity of migrant / refugee women and girls and LGBTIQ people to know their rights in GBV situations and to access their rights in relation to public authorities / community / family space. 

In both types of activities / services, emphasis will be placed on supporting and encouraging participants to reflect on their personal situations and their position within social structures (family, community, country).


The main beneficiaries of counseling activities and support groups are migrant / refugee women and LGBTQI people, as well as young migrants.